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7 Top Best Places to Visit in Europe as a Family

Posted on 14 December 2017 by admin (0)

Visit in Europe as a FamilyEurope has great places that are thrilling can be visited by families. Before proceeding get some tips about insurance here.

These places include;


London is a great city and a great destination for visitors. London has numerous parks and play grounds.

The most known parks include; Hyde park, Richmond park and the Royal botanical gardens.

The London theatre that gives visitors an opportunity to see celebrities and best actors. London has great and luxurious hotels that offer suitable accommodation for families.

London has greatest world’s museums like the Tate modern, British museum, Natural history museum or the science museum, etc which are free and a family can save some money. Visitors can also enjoy viewing London from the Shard or the London eye.

West field Stratford is the largest urban centre in Europe and offers a great shopping experience for families. This city has the best venues for sports and families can take a tour to these venues and also watch live sport activities stadiums; the Wembley stadium, Lord’s cricket ground or the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis museum.


Amsterdam city is located in the Netherlands and an ideal destination for family visits. Amsterdam city has great attraction sites which include old buildings and museums. One of the ancient buildings to visit in Amsterdam is the Qude Kerk.

The city has more than fifty museums; the most known museum is the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh museum and Stedelijk museum. Families can visit the dam square and learn about the Napoleon history. Amsterdam’s canals are a place worth a visit and have made the city be called ‘’ The Venice of the North’’.

Families can enjoy canal tours which are very relaxing.  Prinsegrancht, Herengracht, Keizergracht and Singel are the four main canals. Amsterdam city has 8 amazing windmills which are very admirable for sightseeing.

Amsterdam has very active night life especially at Leidseplain which is full of life and very colourful. Its streets have musicians and live performers almost daily.

Rembrandtplein which has hotels, cafes, pubs, Dutch music, genuine diamond, Rembrandt statue and souvenir shops. Amsterdam has high end hotels and beautiful parks, city squares and botanical gardens that are very welcoming for families.


Copenhagen city is the capital of Denmark and a very admirable city for family visits. The greatest attractions in Copenhagen are the Tivoli gardens, Freetown of Christiania and the statue of the little mermaid. Copenhagen has iconic and historic museums that families can visit and learn about its history. At the Tivoli gardens, both young and old can enjoy thrilling rides.

The Tivoli gardens have a restaurant where visitors can enjoy mouth-watering Asian or Danish food. Visitors are entertained by the Tivoli big band and Orchestra with sweet sounds and magical lights. The little mermaid sculpture is a very famous attraction in Copenhagen.

Visitors can also visit the Danish Kronborg castle that is worldwide known from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. People can have a taste of the royal Denmark’s family by visiting the Amalienborg palace.

Another great place to visit is the zoo houses at Copenhagen and enjoy a wild experience of hippos, elephants, monkeys, polar bears and lions. The national museum has a rich history from the Viking age, Stone Age, middle age and the history of the modern Danish.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden with great heritage sites; Birka, Drottingholm and Woodland cemetery. The city is characterized by a very efficient transport network that consists of underground railway transport and bus network.

Families can visit the Gamla Stan (Old town), a very attractive museum to explore. Another great place to visit is the royal palace where the king of Sweden resides. The royal palace gives visitors a taste of Swedish empire and it’s the largest in Europe.

The great monuments at the royal palace are Queen Kristina’s silver throne, museums, the armoury, Tre Kronoh and Treasury and witness changing of the guard. The Vasa museum, a great Sweden pride is a great place to visit. Millions of people visit the Vasa museum annually.

When the days are longer than nights, during the summer season, a great place to visit is the Djurgarden. The Djurgarden offers great adventures like bicycle rides through the forest trails, waterways canoe, picnic venue and people can just take strolls as they enjoy the lush environment.

Families can visit the world’s oldest open air museum, known as the Skansen open air museum. The Stockholm zoo has a very beautiful children’s zoo and makes it very suitable for visiting families.


Rome is the capital city of Italy that has a rich history and Christianity where families can enjoy their holidays. Some of the attractions from ancient times include; Roman forum, Capitoline Hill and the Colosseum. Rome has mind blowing cathedrals and plazas.

The largest public baths, Caracalla baths are a great attraction though they have been left as ruins. Families can enjoy a walk through the Appian way which is an ancient road in Rome. It took its name from a roman censor and was used as a military road.

The National roman museum offers much of Roman history, culture and heritage for visitors. Other great places to visit in Rome are; Victor Emmanuel ii monument, piazza del popolo, Santa maria in Trastevere, Ostia Antica, Basilica of San Clemente, Capitoline museums, Galleria Borghese and many more. 


Reykjavik is occupied by Scandinavian Vikings and a great place for Icelandic vacation. Families can visit the Saga museum and learn more about the Norse men and blood thirsty displays from the fierce settlers. Visitors can visit the volcano house and view the Icelandic geological history and documentaries on various eruptions.

Laugavegur is a great shopping centre for visitors and one of the ancient streets. Travellers can find the latest fashions and high end hotels in this place.

Other great landmarks to visit at Reykjavik are ; arbaer open air museum, Harpa, Perlan that has tanks of geothermal hot water, settlement exhibition, national museum of Iceland, Solfar sculpture, Hallgrimskirkja the largest Lutheran church in Iceland.

This Lutheran church was designed to resemble a mountain peak, glaciers, rocks and Icelands. The Solfar sculpture was also known as the sun voyager and was designed to mark the 200th anniversary of Reykjavik. The artist had a belief that the early Europeans when travelling to Mongolia,had to follow the sun.


Munich is a very attractive city in Germany and a great destination for families. Tourist attractions in Munich include the following; Allianz Arena stadium popular for football and can hold more than 75,000 people. The panels of this stadium can switch colours depending on which teams are playing.

Families can visit the Pinakothek museums and see the master’s paintings. Deutsches museums of science and technology are appealing to both the young and old and offers guided tours. Families can visit the Munich Residenz and see where the Bavarian rulers resided. It has collections of art and architecture symbols of power that were used by the royal family.

To view the fast motorcycles and cars, families can visit the BMW Welt and museum. Latest products and vehicle repair parts can also be found at the BMW Welt and museum.

Families can also visit the place where the Bavarian rulers reside during summer, the Nymphenburg palace. The Nymphenburg palace was also used to celebrate a Bavarian heir after their birth. And go see our blog for more guides.