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Con and Pro of Using an Online Travel Agencies

Posted on 22 May 2018 by admin (0)

Nowadays traveling become necessity to individuals for reasons of building relationship, freedom from stress or simply get out of the city life and indulge in the beauty of natures. With the age of technology going into a trip turn a click of a button. Information technology does it fast and easy. Business of online travel agency grows in number because of the chances of operating your own trade at the comfort of your home. travel agent

Travel enthusiast, adventurer and Nature lover together with new individual who found traveling a new hobby acquires plenty of choices. Prices bear no hindrance for selection due to number of discounted itinerary and promo. Travel based on the budget that you have, as they say, and travel agent will do the rest.

Travel Agencies are the middle man of every successful trip. They are the person who transact to the supplier on behalf of the clients. They sell and convince public to purchase travel and tourism related services on behalf of the supplier. Growth of travel agency goes along with electronic communication. Presently online travel agencies become the mainstream of the business. Through here the effect of technology becomes a question in mind. What advantages and disadvantages the public people receive from online travel agency.

Summarizing the Pro’s and Con’s of the matter. Present first the pro of online travel agencies

  1. Lower Price. Operating a website is cheaper therefore providing more discount and promo are made possible to its customers.
  2. Easy and Fast. One hit of a key is enough to connect you to your desired online travel agent. Assurance of fast feedback has a high potential. More over online travel agent provide listed of phone numbers if they are not reachable using internet.
  3. Wide range of Choices. The gates of option are numerous and comparison of packages, services and reviews is beneficial on customers.
  4. Hassle Free. Leaving your work to visit your travel agencies is time consuming. Online negotiation set you away from this stress.

To top it up here are the list of con’s of online travel agencies

  1. Less Experience. Online travel agencies work from home and mostly novice on the business. If you are new in traveling, experience agent is important to achieve your best trip.
  2. No office address. Frequently some online travel agencies don’t have office address because they don’t have physical building or office.
  3. High Risk Involve. Even its legitimate the worries of safe transaction can be doubtful.