10 Tips On How You Can Raise Funds For Your Vacation

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Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but it is difficult to relax when you are consistently worried about how you are going to pay for it all. With the summer season nearly upon us and the cruise trips, road trips, and the much-needed travel destinations in the works, it is now time to start raising funds for that vacation you have been dreaming about. With a little creativity, you can save some money on your bank account and be ready to travel to your vacation destination without the need of taking loans to do it.go fund me reviews

Below are ten tips that will help you raise funds for your next vacation:

  1. Open a dedicated vacation bank account

This is one of the easiest ways to raise funds for your vacation. You can set automatic payments to this account and leave there till it’s time for your vacation. You can also choose an interest-bearing account and your money will accumulate much more as you wait for your vacation time.

  1. Cut down your monthly food budget

Much often, people spend much on food and by cutting your food budget you will be able to save much on your vacation. Save money by buying from the cheap farmers market or buying in bulk. Start a small vegetable garden within your compound and save on the vegetable costs. Cutting down these costs will help you earn some extra cash for your vacation.

  1. Sell those extra things you don’t need

You have these extra things in the house that you don’t need. They could old clothes, a television set, old seats, or even electronics, by selling these things you will be able to earn some extra cash for your vacation.

  1. Start a family travel fund

Come up as a family and save by contributing allowances, spare change, or gift money that will help each person take responsibility for vacation expenses.

Break the bad spending habits together.

If you or one of your family members have a bad spending habit on unnecessary things like alcohol and expensive coffee, make an effort to break these habits and save that extra cash for your next vacation.travel and go

  1. Cut down on car use

There are instances you really don’t need to use your car when going out with your family. You can choose to have a walk and save on the cost of gas. The extra cash saved on gas can be part of your vacation expenses.

  1. Pick a side job

It could be hard for you but think about how you will enjoy once you reach your travel destination. Pick up those extra jobs like babysitting, cleaning your neighbour’s house over the weekend, online writing and so forth. Money earned from these jobs will help you raise funds enough for the vacation

  1. Save on housing

Raise some extra cash for your vacation by moving to an inexpensive house. Get rid of the expensive mortgage insurance or even make some few home improvements and save on utilities. You can also rent some rooms that you don’t use in your house to travelers by advertising online.

  1. Get reward cards for your travel and accommodation companies

Consider getting reward cards that will help you accumulate redeemable points for your travel and accommodation companies. Who knows? Next time you could be having a free flight or free accommodation.

  1. Rent out your car

You can rent out your car when you are not using it and earn some extra cash. You can also raise some money by acting as an Uber driver. The extra cash will help you raise some money for your vacation without struggling.

     10.   Hold a Savings Competition

You can consider holding a savi ngs competition with your family members or friends. Competing to see who saves most will encourage you to save a lot and in the end, you shall have raised a huge amount of money for your vacation.

How Traveling Enhance Fitness & Happiness

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Travel for Inner HealthAccording to research findings done by the scientist from all over the world, traveling is one of the best things an individual can do to enhance his or her health.

It helps your physical and mental health, with many travelers saying that it is an excellent source of happiness.

There are stressful moments in life but overall, when you go out on the road to visit new places, you tend to gain much in different ways.

Traveling isn’t all about going international, but you can also travel in your own country and benefit in the same way.

There are no limits when it comes to traveling except for what you can afford. You can choose to sight-see around some of the most dreamed about countries or choose to have an exotic adventure within your state using a suitable mode of transport, either by air, rail, car, cruise ship, or personal boat.

There are so many options, and in the end, they will help you in ways you have never imagined. It’s now time to save and plan your next traveling destination and enjoy your life in ways so many travelers do.

Enjoy Wide Exposures

The most significant benefit of traveling is that it always keeps you on the go due to constant movements that you will make. You know how vital continuous movement is, right? You probably discern that it is the best way to improve your fitness.

Walking around will definitely help build your heart muscles which in turn will keep it fit to work for long and support your arteries, which means you reduce the risk of high cholesterol problems and high blood pressure.

While some people may not describe traveling as a chance to intensify their fitness routines, travelers may be more active than being deskbound in the office all day. People who choose to travel can walk several miles a day while sightseeing in different locations.

Travelers may also be inclined to try new activities while in a new place, like boat paddling or hiking. There are also fitness-centric hotels that encourage guest to get fit and try new workouts to boost physical and mental health away from home.  All these activities will help keep your body fit without necessarily hitting the gym.

Planning to travel alone increases the level of happiness in people. According to research carried out in individuals, the anticipation that one is just about to travel raised the level of joy even before embarking on the journey. In a way, it makes sense that we drive the most enjoyment from anticipation.

While on a traveling spree, it is much easier to make new friends on the road than it is at home, where people are less inclined to talk to strangers.  For instance, in a bar or restaurant away from home where there seem to be fewer boundaries to cross over, makes it easy to make friends, whether it’s a local curious to know where you come from or a fellow traveler keen to enjoy a beer or share a taxi. These social interactions make us happier and intensify our social circles.

Education and Learning

Education and learningTravelling presents us with ways in which you can learn and further your knowledge and Education. Whether it’s a new skill such as learning a new language or cooking a local food. Scientists have found that the brain becomes more active and release happy hormones which increase the level of happiness especially if you are learning something that you find enjoyable.

Apart from making you happier in the short term, traveling can make you much more contented, relaxed and comfortable person in the long.

For most people, traveling is all about new experiences and discoveries. Recalling memories of these experiences can sustain a feeling of contentment several years after the moment has passed, something that will eventually trigger your happy hormones and increases your happiness.

Travelling also throws up a lot of a bizarre, funny and sometimes a series of memorable incidents that relating them back to friends will make you feel interesting. Making someone laugh is an easy way to instantly cheer you up and bump up your self-esteem. So, hold on those memories even if they make you cringe at the thought of them.

After all, traveling offers the chance to relax and restore overall well-being. But merely taking a hiatus from your demanding workday schedule isn’t enough. Traveling somewhere new can assist you to immerse yourself in new surroundings, boost your brain power and fully recharge. So, save some money and go for a vacation at the slightest opportunity you get.

How to Choose the Right Travel Guide Insurance

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Trave insurance Benefits and GuideThe following factors should be considered when buying travel insurance;

Multi-trip policy

A multi-trip policy will cover all your traveling in a whole year. A multi-trip policy tends to be cheaper than buying a separate policy for each trip.

For instance if you would like to travel more than five times a year, a multi-trip insurance cover will save you some good money.

A multi-trip policy will also save you time because you just buy it once every year. You can search for a multi-trip policy that is available worldwide.

Another advantage of a  multi-trip policy is that you can travel with short notices without worrying  about travel insurance.

Family cover

When buying an insurance policy, it is cheaper to buy a family policy than buying a cover for each individual. A family insurance policy can include two parents and up to four children who should be under 18 years of age.

If you have one child, you can search for family and one child cover which will be way cheaper than the family insurance cover. Under family cover you can also find a single parent cover and choose the one that suits your family set up. It is important to know that a family cover remains valid if the family travels together and only with the people named in the policy otherwise it is invalid.

Places to be visited

Before selecting a policy to buy, it is important to know the places you are going to visit since different areas have different policies. Most policies normally cover, Europe, worldwide excluding the USA and worldwide. It is good to know the details of each policy and the specific countries it covers before making a purchase.

In case you plan to cross boundaries between countries, it is also important to know whether your travel insurance policy covers you. For instance, when you purchase an insurance policy cover for Europe, it’s paramount to find out which countries are covered by that policy. Also a policy may be worldwide not cover all countries, especially countries where travellers have been warned not to travel.

A traveller should also consider the safety of the places they are travelling to and avoid hazardous places. Travel policies should guide every traveller and they are usually posted by the embassies on their websites.

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Length of your trip

You should buy a travel insurance that fits the length of your trip. For long trips, you can purchase a travel insurance policy that goes up to 18 months.

Travel insurance policy covers for a month, three months up to six months are also available. It is also advisable to buy policies that are flexible and can be extended in case you prolong your trp.


The activities you plan to do for your holiday should also guide you on what kind of policy to purchase. There are many policies that cover different types of sports and also include injury cover. Adventurous activities may require you to get an extra cover.

Many people would like to engage in a number of activities, for instance mountain climbing, winter sports, sailing, cycling, surfing, etc. It is therefore important to get a policy cover that takes care of them during such activities.

Medical cover

Every traveller needs a medical cover for medical expenses or any other emergencies that might occur during your travel. This policy will help offset your bills in case of an accident or a serious injury during your vacation.

Baggage cover

Every traveller should have a cover for any expensive valuables they are taking. Each policy has a limit for the items termed as valuables that can be claimed. If one is taking many expensive valuables, it is advisable to take a cover that can allow you to claim the value of your items back in case they get lost.

Cancellation cover

A good insurance policy should include cancellation cover in case you cancel or postpone your trip. Emergencies occur that might require a traveller to come home early, for instance if a relative falls sick or their leave gets cancelled.


Age of TravellersThe age of a traveller should be considered when buying an insurance policy cover. People who are more than 65 years of age may require a specialist policy.

Persons over 65 years of age will be required to declare all pre-existing medical conditions and also any medication that they might be taking. If travelling abroad, buy an insurance policy that gives you a 24-hour help line in case of a medical emergency.

Airline or hotel failures

One should consider buying an insurance policy that covers  any airline or hotel failures. In case of any delay on your travel or inability to access the hotels booked, a good travel insurance policy should cover for these expenses.

What You Should Pack on a Trip to China

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China can be a great holiday destination, but then you need to make sure that you know what to pack when you are going on holiday.

There are many things that you can take with you, but there are some items that you should have with you, no matter what.

Here are a couple of things that you should know when you are going on holiday to any place in China:

All the necessary documents

You need to make sure that you have all your documents right at hand. Not only when you are at airports, but at all times. You will not know when you might need it.

It is also a great idea to make copies of your documents and to store it in a safe place. Don’t just take photos and store the photos on your phone. If your phone is stolen or lost, you might have a problem with getting access to all your documents and to be able to get back home. This is one thing that travelers forget. To make copies of their important documents and credit cards

Clothes that are perfect for the time of year that you are going

We all know that clothes are something that you normally will take with you when you are going on holiday, but you need to make sure that you are taking the right type of clothes for the time of year that you are going.

Different places have different climates, and you need to make sure that you do research and know the weather of the place that you are going to. This is essential because there are many people that are taking the wrong clothes and they land in trouble with having the wrong clothes with them.

A Power converter is essential

When you are taking any electrical appliances with you to china, you need to make sure that you are taking a power converter with you. Otherwise, you might damage your appliances. This is going to be essential to have a converter when you are taking your shaver, phone charger and even your hairdryer with you.

You should always have a power converter with you, even if you are not going to China but to another country. There are many countries that are using different electrical outlet voltage.

Your prescription medication

People are forgetting their prescription medication and to make sure that they have enough for the amount of time that they are in China. It can be hard, or even impossible to get another prescription when you are traveling in another country.

When you are traveling to China or planning a trip to China, you need to make sure that you have these things ready. You don’t want to forget anything at home. You should make sure that you have copies of your documents and that you have enough of your prescription medication. These are things that you will not be able to find in China, when you are touring there.

Con and Pro of Using an Online Travel Agencies

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Nowadays traveling become necessity to individuals for reasons of building relationship, freedom from stress or simply get out of the city life and indulge in the beauty of natures. With the age of technology going into a trip turn a click of a button. Information technology does it fast and easy. Business of online travel agency grows in number because of the chances of operating your own trade at the comfort of your home. travel agent

Travel enthusiast, adventurer and Nature lover together with new individual who found traveling a new hobby acquires plenty of choices. Prices bear no hindrance for selection due to number of discounted itinerary and promo. Travel based on the budget that you have, as they say, and travel agent will do the rest.

Travel Agencies are the middle man of every successful trip. They are the person who transact to the supplier on behalf of the clients. They sell and convince public to purchase travel and tourism related services on behalf of the supplier. Growth of travel agency goes along with electronic communication. Presently online travel agencies become the mainstream of the business. Through here the effect of technology becomes a question in mind. What advantages and disadvantages the public people receive from online travel agency.

Summarizing the Pro’s and Con’s of the matter. Present first the pro of online travel agencies

  1. Lower Price. Operating a website is cheaper therefore providing more discount and promo are made possible to its customers.
  2. Easy and Fast. One hit of a key is enough to connect you to your desired online travel agent. Assurance of fast feedback has a high potential. More over online travel agent provide listed of phone numbers if they are not reachable using internet.
  3. Wide range of Choices. The gates of option are numerous and comparison of packages, services and reviews is beneficial on customers.
  4. Hassle Free. Leaving your work to visit your travel agencies is time consuming. Online negotiation set you away from this stress.

To top it up here are the list of con’s of online travel agencies

  1. Less Experience. Online travel agencies work from home and mostly novice on the business. If you are new in traveling, experience agent is important to achieve your best trip.
  2. No office address. Frequently some online travel agencies don’t have office address because they don’t have physical building or office.
  3. High Risk Involve. Even its legitimate the worries of safe transaction can be doubtful.

Travel Book: Help to Understand the World around You

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travel guideTravel is defined by Wikipedia.org as the movement of people between distant geographical locations. It can be of local, regional, national or domestic, otherwise international or abroad.

It also stated that traveling can be done by foot, bicycle, automobile, train, boat, bus, airplane or any other means of transportation regardless you carry or not with you your traveling baggage. Traveling can also be one way or two ways, it furthermore involves short stays between one location to another.

Several reasons an individual travels are enjoyment, relaxation, new information of other culture, business and trade, migration, missions, and discovery and exploration. Along the history traveling is not an easy task; they depicted it as torture or punishment to the one doing the work. Yet today massive different on how you journey, no more walking bare foot or without vehicle and the invention of aircraft and trains lessen the penalty of traveling.

During the 16th century noble men from Europe travel to study and learn ancient culture and literature of their past. They called this grand tour. This earliest practice simply explain that traveling widen peoples understanding towards the country and culture beyond them. Ideas and information today are easy to disseminate. Social Networking sites speed up distribution of knowledge and views of today’s generation.

Creation of group which share same interest provides less effort to organize in social media. Images of day to day activity uploaded every minute for the update of where about for the benefits of friends, relatives and families. Links and connection solve the gaps of information ignorance. Blog sites and posted articles add sources of new ideas broaden social cultural learning and acquiring untold stories of hidden mankind.

Understanding the humanity around you becomes a scroll of a hover. Influence of culture and values is within the reach of technology. The more you attach to information technology the better of opening the mind and awaken the wisdom of past, present and future. The further you envelop the beginning of mankind and the creation of majestic glory of nature masterpiece.

Going on the past, one can acquire information through reading scrolls or books that provide data you needed. Now think of a book full of images, experiences, reviews and variety of your choice. This is what Travel Book is about. It is a site of different variety all focus on travel destination, booking of hotels and inns to stay, airfare and means of transportation and bunch of photo from contributors who love to travel. It is communities of travel enthusiasts posting there recent journey and holidays get away. travel guide books

Every images represent different stories, different civilization, and different life. It is a website that encourages everyone, to contribute to benefit the members or simply the viewers. It creates a global knowledge of what is on the other part of the globe. Adventurer untold their journal of what happen on their journey here. A collage of colorful pictures of different national parks, beautiful wonders of the world and numerous indigenous people that will imprint your mind and heart knowledge of their civilization.

More over the sites will encourage you to experience to travel. It provides as well list of hotels and inns, and restaurants in diverse variety to suite your needs as you go along your expedition. They let you decide based on wide choices. The provision of airfare and travel itinerary is included in the site. Furthermore travel fan willing to help and offer smart ideas and information during your exploration are part of the site. It features every country and tourist destination in all areas of the world. A complete book for travel in the click of a button.

Ten Amazing Places To Visit In Australia

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visit australiaAustralia is the land known for very many things from marvelous tourists’ attraction sites, beautiful landscape, beaches and well-designed cities.

It is virtually impossible to tour the entire country and experience all that it has to offer. However, these places top the most amazing places you can ever visit in Australia.

Sydney Opera House.

You can never mention Sydney without the thought of opera house coming into your mind. Located on Sydney’s Bennelong point, this breathtaking building is one of Australia’s most amazing piece of architectural design ever built on the land. It tops the list of world heritage sites as ranked by UNESCO. This location of the building is stunning and is surrounded by water on three while bordered by a beautiful royal garden to the south, providing a perfect site for photography.

The building has restaurants where visitors can enjoy meals or tour the building that harbors exhibition rooms, cinema, concert hall, studios, and theatre.

Blue Mountain National Park.

Also mentioned as a world heritage by UNESCO, The Blue Mountains National Park is located about 81km west of Sydney and is a common tour site from the city. This beautiful park harbors more than half million acres of bush land that cover waterfalls, aboriginal paintings, gorges, and more than a hundred kilometer of hiking trails.

The most iconic attractions in this park are the sandstone rock formation known as Three Sisters. Rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and horse riding are the most popular activities that can be done in this park.

Melbourne City.

It is Australia’s second largest city and the most popular stopover point for many visitors seeking to enjoy the beauty of the city. This city is home to many restaurants, theaters, and shopping malls that give the European feeling of this city on Yarra River.

The city also has parks, gardens and several open places that provide ample ground for picnic sites for friends and family.

amazing places in australia

Bondi Beach.

It is one of the world’s most famous beaches. Located about less than 20 minutes from the capital city, Bondi beach has some of the oldest surf lifesaving clubs in the world. It is a great site for beach walking and picnic.

Besides swimming, tourists flock the beach to enjoy services from its shops, cafes, restaurants as well as the skating park.

Fraser Island.

It is arguably the largest sand island in the world and one of Australia’s most amazing adventures. It has crystal clear freshwater lakes and creeks as well as beautiful plants and animals including water creatures such as Dolphins, sharks, and whales.

Kakadu National park.

It is Australia’s largest national park and the second largest in the world. It is covered with rainforest, rivers, gorges, mangrove swamps, wetlands, old rock paintings, waterfalls as well as a wide range of animals, plants, and over 300 bird species.


It has some of the best beaches in Australia including a rugged coastline. It offers a perfect opportunity for cage fishing and a great place to sight the white sharks as well as swimming with the sea lions and dolphins.

best time to travel to australiaMargaret River.

It is worldly known for its consistent wine production. This region has towering forests and epic beaches. It is a perfect site for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and canoeing. You can also get the opportunity to spot marrons and mussels while canoeing mirror canoes.

Daintree National Park.

Located in Northern Queensland, the park has an exceptional biodiversity that includes more than 20,000 species of plants and a wide array of animal species which include crocodiles, cassowary, blue Ulysses butterfly and tree kangaroos.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

It is one of Australia’s iconic structures. It is the largest steel arch bridge in the world that stretches about 500 meters and linking Sydney north shore to the central business district. It provides a perfect site for scenic viewing of the city as well photography.

How To Stay Healthy During International Travel

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international travel tips

Traveling abroad can be a fantastic moment full of excitement and lots of fun. However, the key to enjoying your stay outside your native country will depend on your health status. In this case, it is essential that you be aware of specific health hazards that can mess up your trip. From poor water services and low-end eateries, there are numerous factors you should consider to stay healthy during your international visits.

Below are some of the measures you should take to ensure that you remain healthy throughout your international stay:

Do Some Research.

Before embarking on an international journey, it is essential that you carry out some research online about your traveling destination so that you have a rough idea of what to expect in regards to the health conditions about that place. By doing so, you will be able to know the health risks associated with that particular destination. For instance, you will be able to identify the contagious diseases that can easily be transmitted through water, mosquitoes as well as unsanitary conditions.

Vaccines and Medications.

The most convenient way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle when traveling outside your country is by having vaccines that will protect you against potential diseases that are likely to be found at your traveling destination. Always seek for vaccines and medication from your physician before you travel. This will prevent you from contracting both airborne and water-borne diseases as well as diseases caused by insects and mosquitoes.

Health Insurance.

Health insurance is one of the easiest ways that you can seek medical intervention just in case you fall ill. However, it is essential that you confirm with your insurer if you will be covered in cases of emergencies when you are outside the country. If that is not the case, then look into buying alternative policies that will cover your health in the specific countries or places you will be visiting.

If you are traveling to areas where quality health care is not available, then an insurance policy with evacuation coverage will pay for the transportation expenses for you to be treated elsewhere. fit for travel

Food and Water.

In most cases, the kind of illness we experience is associated with taking foods that are not well prepared or are prepared in unconducive environments. Drinking untreated or non-purified water is also another factor that can contribute to your health predicaments.

It is therefore advisable to eat carefully especially if you are in a country with an increased risk of contracting diarrhea. Eat steamed and well-cooked foods and stay away from foods sold by street vendors, dairy products that are not pasteurized, and uncooked foods. Always peel the fruits yourself and drink bottled water with commercial seals.

Mosquitoes and Malaria.

We all know that mosquitoes are responsible for spreading malaria. If you’re traveling destination has an increased risk of mosquitoes, protect yourself against these insects. Always make sure that you sleep under a treated mosquitoes net. You can also use mosquito repellents to keep off these insects and prevent the possibility of contracting malaria.

Alternatively, you can seek preventive drugs for malaria from your doctor to take before leaving for the trip. Always take these medications till you get home from your trip.

Stock Your First Aid Kit.

When traveling, it is essential to carry a small first aid kit to help during emergency cases where immediate medical intervention may not be available. You can choose to stock your equipment based on what you might need for a particular location. This may include a few prescription medicines for stomach upset or diarrhea, antibiotics, adhesive bandages, cold and flu medicines, antacids, ointment and painkillers among others.

Travelling can be fun if you take into account all the necessary health measures to prevent you from falling ill while on an international visit.